Hey, I'm Pat Cines

Hey, I'm Pat Cines

Just a guy trying to bake scones, ride bikes, and have fun doing cool work.

About me

NYC native and Princeton raised. I'm a cook, a home barista, and a depressed Giants and Penn State football fan. I prefer walking over Ubering, reading The Journal over The Times, and buying way too many socks and sweaters than I can possibly fit in my shoebox-sized apartment closet.

Work Stuff

Every day I help publishers and their technology platforms build strategic partnerships with Google. Before that, I traveled the world with Remote Year growing their community of digital nomads, developed product strategy as an intern at Google, helped college grads get jobs at startups at Planted, and even helped launch a city for Uber.

When I'm not working with my partners, I'm focused on building my event series BA&A or "Beers, Ad Ops, & Ad Tech," the world's largest monthly publisher ad ops and ad tech industry meetup spanning over 3000 members across 6 cities on 2 continents.

Fun Stuff

As much as I love what I do, there's nothing that I love more than hanging out with friends and spending time doing things that interest me. A Frenchman once said:

"I think you Americans have the wrong balance...You live to work - we work to live." - Luc, Emily in Paris

With that said, here are a few things that I love doing (click into each for more info):

Coffee - I've got quite the home espresso setup to keep me caffeinated throughout the day.
My Coffee Tracker
  • My Profitec Pro 500 is my Italian baby. Her black nostalgic rotary steam valves and stunning stainless steel are the cornerstone of my kitchen.
  • I dial in my shots with a Baratza Sette 270Wi conical burr grinder. It's an extremely reliable and capable grinder and the integrated scale from Acaia saves a bit of time.
  • My favorite local coffee shop is 787 Coffee (7th St & Ave A). I stop by at least a few times per week for a flat white and a guava questito. They grow and roast their own beans on their farm in Puerto Rico. You'll never have to worry about not getting a fresh bag of beans.
  • When I'm pulling shots at home, I sample a new bag of coffee a week through a Trade Coffee subscription and watch James Hoffman videos on the reg.
  • If you're looking to upgrade your coffee machine game, the folks at Clive Coffee are the friendliest humans on the planet. They walked me through my purchase and I can't recommend them enough.
Cycling - I try to get in at least 200 miles per week, usually riding around Central Park during the week and up NJ/NY 9W on the weekends.
  • I have to fully credit my friend and co-worker Gauthier Le Meur for getting me into it around June 2020.
  • I started riding with my Dad's Cannondale Synapse, with MTB pedals and shoes, and a ridiculous-looking phone mount.
  • I've since upgraded to a Giant TCR Advanced SL with Ultegra components and Di2 shifting that I picked up from The Pro's Closet - better to buy used than new!
  • I regularly ride with Gauthier and the other 🍰🚲 - Jake O'Connor, Jake Mendel, and the oh so distant Justin Gage. In December 2020, I joined Team MoMA/NYC Velo.
  • If you're in the city, follow me on Strava and let's go for a ride!
Podcasts - I used to listen to a lot more podcasts on my 40 min walk to and from the office (re: prefer walking over Ubering). These are the ones still in my regular rotation.
Cooking - Baking scones and cooking meals. Below is the recipe box I'm working on.

Some misc., albeit important notes

  • Old Bay is a magical spice and we are fortunate that it exists
  • Drone footage of your alma mater can make you cry
  • Iced espresso is underrated
  • The East Village is better than the West Village
  • Be sure to ask them if they're a cop, but comply with the search warrant if they come back with one

Let's connect and grab a coffee virtual coffee

When things return to normal, we can meet IRL! If you're in NYC and ride bikes, let's hit Central Park.

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