Hey there! I’m

Patrick Cines.

I’m a Penn State graduate and I’m passionate about technology, politics, and journalism. I’ve worked for incredible companies like Google, Uber, and others and I’ve even given a TED talk about corporate ethics.


“Few will have the greatness to bend history, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.”


Recently, I joined Remote Year’s admissions team as a sales associate. Remote Year helps bring together 50-80 people to work remotely and travel together on a journey, living in 12 different cities throughout Europe, Asia, and South America.

During summer 2016, I interned with Google’s Online Partnerships Group in Mountain View, California. My three-month project focused on company strategy around mobile programmatic advertising for AdMob and Ad Exchange.

I helped launch Uber at Penn State. As Campus Manager, I was tasked with growing the supply of partners and building a team of ambassadors. Uber State College is now one of the most successful PA markets outside of Philadelphia.

I spent a year as the Growth & Community Manager for a startup out of Techstars NYC ’14. Planted helps match recent college graduates with non-technical jobs at tech startups in New York, San Francisco, Boston, and other cities.

I started my college career as the Director of Mid-Atlantic Relations and helped launch the Blockchain Education Network, a technology-focused nonprofit devoted to educating students about bitcoin and blockchain technology.

I also like to make videos in my free time.

Penn State Drone Tour

My first full-length drone video went viral on Facebook with over 570,000 views and over 9,000 shares. The video featured all of the iconic buildings on campus.

PA Fracking Documentary

A short documentary looking at the fracking industry in Pennsylvania and its link to contaminated drinking water and earthquakes in the region.

PSU Rally With Riot Cops

Students rally with riot cops in Beaver Canyon after defeating #2 Ohio State in a white out game 24 to 21. Police horses eventually break up the celebration.

I’ve even had a number of press mentions.

Want to chat? Drop me a line below.

or email me at patrick [dot] cines [at] gmail [dot] com.