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[UPDATE] Twitter Account Leaks More Toxic Screenshots from PSU Students for Trump


Right before the first Presidential Debate, the account ActOfOursBringShame on Twitter, leaked more damning screenshots from the Penn State Students for Trump organization. If you haven’t seen the first batch of leaks, please go here. This latest batch of screenshots comes after widespread community backlash and disgust stemming from the original discovery of the account, facebook post, ...

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What it was like to be a Google BOLD Business Intern

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In mid-October, 2015,  I applied to a company that I could only dream about working for – Google. I knew my odds were slim – it’s Google right? I had to at least give it a try. I applied to Google’s undergraduate business internship called BOLD or Building Opportunities for Leadership and Development Summer Internship. Applying ...

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Why Republicans Should Admit Climate Change Exists

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My Frustration One of the most frustrating things about being a Republican, especially during election season, is the continued skepticism, disbelief, and sometimes outright rejection of climate change by Republican members of Congress and Republican party leaders. The effects of global warming are pretty sobering. More frequent flooding, more intense hurricanes, more extreme wildfires, drought, and higher sea ...

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I Saw Bernie Sanders at Penn State and Wasn’t Impressed


Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made his rounds on Tuesday at Penn State University. He was noticeably absent from his New York Democratic Primary campaign operation, where he lost hours later to frontrunner Hillary Clinton. Sanders toured downtown State College and even ate at a local Indian restaurant. The line waiting to see Bernie is long…. pic.twitter.com/Q5xaopoNIo — Onward ...

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