Right before the first Presidential Debate, the account ActOfOursBringShame on Twitter, leaked more damning screenshots from the Penn State Students for Trump organization. If you haven’t seen the first batch of leaks, please go here.

This latest batch of screenshots comes after widespread community backlash and disgust stemming from the original discovery of the account, facebook post, and blog post on my site. The most recent set of screenshots include the following quotes and even one screenshot that is quite NSFW. These are arguably worse than the first set:

“So he supports Michael Straw and Michael Straw supports him…Not surprised, have you ever seen a female elf…Those two probably suck each other’s candy canes. I don’t judge, everybody likes sweets yo.”

“Kidnap Straw lmao…Throw him off HUB crane.”

“Islam is fucking cancer. My aunt is currently dying of cancer and I still think Islam is worse than that.”

“He’s a homosexual who acts like a conglomerate of every gay stereotype in existence.”

“ENGLISH MOTHER FUCKER! DO YOU SPEAK IT…He’s a homosexual. Don’t hate on his sexuality. Hate on his cultural-Maxism tainted ideology.”

“Women: can’t live with them; can’t live without them.”

“Is Straw actually gay or does he simply act like it…He is a homo.”

“CR president chilling at fiddle head, Def gay.”

“Who’s he? He looks like a fag.”

“Okay I haven’t been reading this groupme. But apparently a bunch of fucking CUCKS who should fucking DIE, who also identify as “Republicans” chose NOT TO ENDORSE THEIR OWN PARTY’S MOTHER FUCKING CANDIDATE.”

“The A is LGBTQQIA stands for ass priate.Yarg.”

“Dropped the bomb on this black guy accusing me of racism by saying I am latino. They never know what to say back.”

You can find the full tweets and screenshots on the twitter account. Please share so more people know that these people exist.



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