There’s no question that Donald Trump has shaken up this election cycle. He’s used divisive rhetoric, preyed on American’s fears, and has run a campaign fueled by hate. He’s damaged and split the Republican Party for years to come. I expected this split to funnel down to colleges and universities around the country, just as there is still divisiveness over progressives getting behind Hillary Clinton. College Republican organizations and clubs from Harvard, the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and right here at Penn State have refused to endorse Trump for a variety of reasons.

But that’s where my expectations ended. I thought that we as college students could keep level heads after the Penn State College Republicans voted to not endorse Trump. I expected them to agree to disagree. I expected them to simply co exist on campus without dividing this campus even more.

I was wrong.

Recently, I was made aware of a Twitter account that has been releasing redacted and photocopied screenshots of GroupMe messages from members of the Penn State Students for Trump (a.k.a. We Are For Trump Penn State, a.k.a. Penn State Bull Moose Party). While it is unclear whether or not the screenshots of the GroupMe are from the official Students for Trump organization (if that even exists), it does not matter. The profile pictures from the GroupMe clearly show members of Students for Trump and their executive board with their names changed.

The messages include:

“Right, [Penn State College Republicans]’re just bending over with their pants at their ankles so Hillary can anal rape them with a strap on. I guess Straw is into that.”

“Fuck ’em in the ass”

“Fuck them in the ass is definitely the liberal lgbtqqia approach”

“Ok for real the [College Republican]s are cucks”…”fag”

“They take retarded autistic kids if those retarded autistic kids can go out and canvass correctly.”

“When did Americans become pussies?”

“I legitimately want to punch the [Penn State College Republican] president straight in the face.”

“[The Penn State College Republican President is] a queer, probably takes it up the ass from cheatin’ lyin’ Ted.”

The people that have said these things are people that I’m friends with on Facebook. They’re my fellow classmates and people who I see on campus. I’m frankly disgusted that I know them and of the things they’ve said.

Have they violated school rules or the law? No. I’m all for freedom of speech, but what they’ve said is simply toxic and it’s a shame that I go to the same school as these students. The more they keep this up, the more our school becomes divided, and the more the Republican party remains damaged.

[UPDATE] More GroupMe messages have been leaked through the Twitter account. I’ve added these to a separate blog post here.

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Check out the Twitter account that has been releasing the screenshots

Please share so more people know that these people exist.

[UPDATE] More GroupMe messages have been leaked through the Twitter account. I’ve added these to a separate blog post here.

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  • Sean says:

    Patrick, I appreciate you taking the time to discuss political polarity, a very at-large problem not only in today’s Republican Party, but in politics as a whole. I would say that these people are not worthy, if they are in fact members of the Penn State Students for Trump, to represent those who seek Trump’s election. Furthermore, I would argue that Trump runs on a platform of discontent, not hate, and that it is people like those involved above that perpetuate a false representation of the running platform. I do however agree that Trump’s antics and diction are extremely controversial and thus divisive to the party.

    • John says:

      If by discontent you mean he’s going after people who are racist, homophobic, xenophobic, mysoginistic, islmaphobic, and white supremacists and are fed up with straight white males only having some of the power instead of all of it, then yes, his platform is about discontent. The discontent hate groups have.

      • Sean says:

        Please elaborate on how Trump has targeted the racist, homophobe, xenophobe, etc. etc. Also, I will mention that in numerous social experiments, conductors of the experiments found that liberal groups were much more hostile against opposing-candidate support… also supported by the numerous violent outbreaks occurring at Trump rallies involving liberal anti-Trump protesters.

      • Marty Conomos says:

        Did people fall ASLEEP in 8th Grade History Class?
        The DNC pandering for the black vote. It is funny in the sick to my stomach kinda funny. The Rosa Parks bus incident took place in 1955 during the time of Jim Crow laws, initiated by democrats. The majority of democrats voted against Eisenhower’s 1957 and Johnson’s 1964 Civil Rights Act. If it were not for the Republicans both Civil Rights Acts would not have passed. And yet blacks pretty much vote in block for democrats. I just don’t get it.

        . Been a Democrat all my life and never looked into the history of the Democratic party. I found out that every slave owner was a Democrat it was Republicans that abolished Slavery. Democrats were against ending slavery. The Civil Rights act was passed by Republicans & the Democrats were against it. Women’s & Blacks right to vote was passed by Republicans. Democrats were against that too. The KKK was always & still is of the Democratic party. Hillary took $20,000 from the KKK didn’t denounce them or give the money back. In fact they still use the plantation agenda with minorities. Now, the plantations are the Ghettos & Barrios and blighted Urban areas that keep the minorities & poor whites UN informed, under educated and dependent on the government so they can throw them a bone at election time to get the vote just like they’ve done throughout history. FYI not one Republican was found that ever owned a slave. Yet Blacks & Hispanics & poor whites vote Democratic in block. AGAIN! I JUST DON’T GET IT.

  • Joseph says:

    Oh no, somebody found likely manipulated images from a group which has stated in the past that they have no official group message apps. Like shit, the images are black and white, and came from a twitter account that was only a few weeks old. Seems like somebody on the College Republicans or the College Democrats has it out for the trump group, yet another example of liberal bias against trump supporters

    • Ronnie says:

      The students in favor of trump on this campus deserve every drop of liberal bias the world can produce. No evil will ever compare to them.

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